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Have you lost one or a few or all of your teeth? When you have missing teeth, you can find it difficult to speak, eat, and chew. In addition to difficulties in your everyday tasks, the gaps can increase your risk of developing an oral infection. Our practice is happy to offer dentures in SE Calgary to restore your smile.

dentures in se calgary

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a custom-made set of artificial teeth. They can be made to replace a full set of teeth (complete dentures) or to replace a few missing teeth (partial). Typically, dentures are a great alternative for patients who are not eligible for dental implants or have a time constraint. Dentures can greatly improve how your mouth functions and your ability to eat, chew and speak. Please note, they will not be as strong as your natural teeth.

Both complete and partial dentures near you are custom-made and will be matched to the colour of your existing teeth to seamlessly blend in with your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

Dentures can provide numerous different benefits to patients, including:

  • They look natural

  • They improve your oral health

  • They are long-lasting and durable

  • They are easy to maintain

  • They restore your confidence

  • They improve your appearance

  • They prevent jaw bone loss

  • They prevent your teeth from shifting

  • They improve your ability to speak, chew, and eat

How to Maintain Your Dentures

Dentures are very fragile. Therefore, they need to be handled with care. Typically, dentures can last for many years when they are carefully cared for and maintained. The following are tips to help ensure you make the most out of your dentures:

  • Remove them when you sleep

  • Clean them daily with a mild soap
  • Place your dentures in a solution when you are not wearing them

  • Rinse your dentures after each meal

Looking for Dentures in SE Calgary?

At Heritage Smiles Dental, we are proud to provide our patients with the highest quality dentures near you. Please contact our practice to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

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